Help Introduction

Purpose of this site

We allow you to publish (or browse):

  • files (e-books, audio, software, etc.) to sell or download
  • short messages like Twitter
  • Web links
  • blog posts
  • your own categories of stuff

Category structure

Users add stuff (files, messages, links, and subcategories) to categories.

Categories are of two kinds:

  • owned
  • unowned

For an owned category, the owner chooses which stuff to put inside it.

For an unowned category, users vote with Ether cryptocurrency which stuff will be on the top and which goes to the bottom (spam zone) of the list of stuff.

So users themselves form a category structure and what stuff will be in categoiries.

How to earn money

You can Earn ETH and AR cryptocurrencies with this site (Fees below are subject to change):

  • You earn 90% of your file sales (both in ETH and in AR).
  • You earn 50% of upvotes of your posts, links, owned categories.
  • Participate in the affiliate program.
  • Finally you can advertise your own site with links and posts.